Handbook on Digital Transformation in Organisations

A Practice-Focussed Approach to Leading Digital Transformation in Organizations

Soumitra Poddar & Rajan K. Prasad

Blue Hill Publications


Prof. Soumitra Dutta
Dean, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK.

The handbook is a primer for those who wish to gain a holistic understanding of digital transformation processes and its associated challenges, and highlights implementation guidelines from a practitioner focus.

B Madhusudan Jain
CEO, Yappes

A timely book on a topic that will save millions of person hours, tons of resources, and chunks of capital.

Sangeeta Sahney
Professor, School of Management & Entrepreneurship, IIT Jodhpur

The book provides valuable insights on how to deal with the digitization practices adoption journey.

Muthusamy Chandran
Chief of Asia-Pacific & Global Delivery, Zeblok Computational

Very well articulated guiding principles about the digital transformation process.

About the Authors

Soumitra Poddar

Soumitra Poddar is currently the Founder/Partner of Strategic Services Consulting. He brings with him 30+ years of experience in leading digital transformation projects, working with firms including PwC, IBM, & Vehere.

Rajan K. Prasad

Rajan K Prasad is a Management Consultant with Industry experience of more than 35 years across diverse functions in Integrated operations of Steel major SAIL and other CPSEs.

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